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The Eden Handicap Service Centre Berhad is a non-profit organisation not related to any business group, enterprise or company. It was started in 1991 with a simple concept: to help the disabled come to terms with their disabilities, to engage them in fellowship with other disabled and able-bodied friends, and to provide adequate training to place them in suitable jobs.

Through Eden, the needs of our disabled friends have been championed in line with Eden's growing vision. We continue to work to improve the quality of life of our disabled friends. So far, opportunities for the disabled has not been encouraging, whether in terms of academic education, job training or employment prospects. These are the challenges faced by us.

To counter these challenges, we commit ourselves to help equip the disabled with practical aspects of training, preparing them to integrate into society. We started job skill training as far back as 1993. To date we have also set up workshops for recycling, art & craft and computer classes as "halfway homes" to prepare the disabled for job placement.

Since its establishment, Eden has been a caring place for the disabled from various backgrounds. This has proven to be a growing challenge for us in this climate of growing expenses, economic slowdown and diminishing donations.

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If you wish to lend a hand in the work of the disabled, kindly contact Eden Handicap at edenhdc@yahoo.com or call Eden Handicap in Penang at 04 228 2758.

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