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Enjoying the atmosphere
Enjoying the atmosphere

A Dinner to Behold at Dragon-i Restaurant

65 people comprising 41 various disabled people and 24 able-bodied helpers and caregivers thronged Dragon-i Restaurant outlet at Queensbay Mall, Penang at 6.00pm on 8 April 2008. It was a dinner treat fully sponsored by the Dragon-i Restaurant group of companies.

It was indeed a rare opportunity for our disabled friends to dine in 'style' at such a well known restaurant which had been awarded "The Best Chinese Restaurant 2006 & 2007 by Malaysia Tatler.

Excitement was written all over their faces as they trouped into the restaurant. It was a marvel to behold of such tastefully decorated posh interior with a Ming Dynasty ambience. As they sat down comfortably at the neatly arranged tables and chairs, they were warmly greeted by the sweet looking courteous Chinese waitresses who served them Chinese tea.

The fragrance and aroma was definitely mouth watering as they were being served Dragon-i specialties of "Xiao Long Bao', "La Mien" noodles, fried rice, sweet and sour pork, fried coated long beans and special desserts, all specially prepared by master chefs locally and from China.

Besides enjoying such tasty sumptuous food, our disabled friends truly felt on top of the world when the chief executive officer of the Dragon-i Restaurant group of companies, Mr Henry Yip, freely mingled and chatted with them and even take photographs with them. Numerous lights flashed across the restaurant as newsmen were busy snapping away.

The disabled were thankful that they could experience and taste such wonder of authentic Shanghainese specialties and its exquisite taste and to relive the traditional imperial cuisine. They can hold their heads high for they have savored a culinary delight like no other. They had find dining an absolute pleasure, a joy to their senses and total satisfaction to the appetite. It was an experience that they would never forget for a long time because of people like Dragon-i who cares.

First time at Dragon-i Restaurant
First time at Dragon-i Restaurant

Enjoying the delicious lunch
Enjoying the delicious lunch

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