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An Enriching Experience in Genting Highlands and Kuala Lumpur

All gear up for Space Shot

Eden Handicap Service Centre organized a trip to Genting Highlands and Kuala Lumpur for 5 days and 4 nights from 15 November 2008 to 19 November 2008 for 56 persons comprising 35 disabled people with 21 helpers; both from Eden as well as from the local community.

We arrived at Theme Park Hotel, Genting Highlands at about 1.00pm in the midst of the rain. Situated 6,000 feet above sea level, Genting Highlands looks like a magnificent city on a hilltop. Crisp invigorating mountain air complemented by majestic scenery spreads out before our eyes with lush tropical rainforest shrouded in a veil of perpetual mist. The consistent low temperatures here provide natural air conditioning.

The Theme Park Hotel is seen like a Castle in the Clouds with a grand new look and a new facade added to it. As we walked from the ground floor reception, took the lift to the designated floor and sauntered through the long passage way to our rooms, our disabled friends gasped in awe at the spectacular display of ambience of color, pomp and pageantry of the Hotel. Indeed grandeur is reflected in its gaily decorated walls and its premises.

Our disabled friends upon checking into their rooms hurriedly unload their bags and virtually pulled their helpers' hands to take them out for lunch and sight seeing. Some took their lunch within the premises of the Theme Park Hotel while some took a brisk walk across the road to the Genting Canteen surrounded by a supermarket, coffee houses and other shops selling a variety of goods.

The Casino Super Team (CST) members played host to us in the evening at the basement floor of the Hotel. Lively pulsating music ignited the spark that lighted up the floor. One by one our disabled friends went to the floor jiving with the music together with some of the CST members. Our disabled friends courageously participated in the games dished out by the CST team. Hilarious voices and laughter filled the air as our disabled friends displayed their talents and abilities in the programs prepared by the team. We were then treated to a sumptuous buffet dinner. Our disabled friends never had such great fun and enjoyment, all because the CST team provided them with this rare opportunity. Thanks to the CST Team for being such wonderful hospitable hosts.

The rest of the night was free time. Some chose to wander and survey the bountiful harvest of nature and scenic surroundings, others went to have a look inside the Casino while the rest chose to rest and relax in their rooms.

On the second day (16 Nov 2008), after breakfast, we assembled at the Hotel Lobby before proceeding to visit the Genting Outdoor Theme Park. As we trooped into the Park, we could hear the audible voices of our disabled friends busily chattering away their excitement. The cool mountain air made it an exhilarating experience to enjoy the many rides at the Park. Whether taking leisure drives in the Antique Car or experiencing the adrenalin pumping Space Shot, it was a magical adventure of fun and excitement for our disabled friends. Nearby was the water park with its many water activities but unfortunately many could not visit. Time was running away as we have to be at the Lobby by 1.00pm to meet for lunch.

We had a wonderful lunch at the Happy Valley Restaurant located on the Ground Floor of the Theme Park Hotel. The lunch was sponsored by the Resort World Bhd and the food was good and dish after dish was served to us by the hospitable staff of the restaurant.

Buffet Dinner at First World Cafe sponsored by Church of Genting

At 2.00pm we visited the First World Hotel which is adjoined to the First World Plaza. It was a long walk for our disabled friends as we have to manoeuvre through passage ways, fly overs, escalators, steps and steep floors to reach there. At the indoor theme park, our disabled friends boldly hopped on the dare-devil rides, get spun around, and tossed over and feeling the adrenalin rushing. There were too many attractions and activities and none could say that they were not distracted. Like a moment suspended in the time, we were transported to a world where laughter and revelry abound. Everyone cherished every single moment that they spent here.

At 6.00pm we had a scrumptious buffet dinner at First World Café' which was graciously sponsored by the Church of Genting. Our disabled friends would be wondering why there was so much food to eat. They felt like kings as their helpers served them plates after plates. When it was time to leave, you could see them dragging their feet with a heavy stomach in tow.

At 8.30pm, we were whisked off to DREAMZ, the international extravaganza of magic show held at the Pavilion in the First World Plaza. We are thankful to Resort World Bhd for giving us complimentary tickets to the show and we were presented front row seating! It was a spectacular show with fantastic display of choreographic dances with colorful costumes, spellbound magical shows, daredevils motorcyclists riding in a small caged globe, death defying acts, a white tiger and white lion show, other variety shows, songs, music and a great sound system. Our disabled friends oohed and ahhed as the acrobatic troupe from China lept from one pole to another and they watched in such amazement with not only eyes wide opened but with their mouths too.

At the end of the night to remember, their wish was that if only the animals could stay longer in the show.

On the third day (17 Nov 2008), after breakfast, we checked out of our rooms and saying goodbye to Genting Highlands. We reached KL at about 1.30pm and subsequently checked into the Puteri Park Hotel. After lunch at the Hotel, we departed to the Mines Wonderland at 3.30pm.

Upon arrival at the Mines Shopping Complex, we went straight to the berth site of the river cruise. The boat could sit 12 persons and it was a unique transportation that took us on a relaxing cruise. One unique thing about this cruise is that the boat has to go from a lower lake to a higher lake and vice versa. This was the time when our boat entered into an enclosure and the back gates slowly shut down. We were kept enclosed for a short moment for the waters to rise up before the water gates in front were lifted up to enable our boat to cruise out to the higher water level of the lake. It was a repetition of the water gates opening and closing when we cruised back to the complex.

Filling up the bean bag at Petrosains Centre

During the cruise we could see many beautiful birds and even storks by the lakeside. From the lake we could view many imposing buildings such as the Palace of the Golden Horses, bungalows and condominiums. Our disabled friends were able to experience a unique water cruise and enjoyed sights of carefully formed landscaping with a relaxing ambience.

We walked around the Mines shopping Complex and took dinner at the Food Court there. After dinner we marched like a battalion to the Mines Wonderland. It was like a fairy land with myriads of dazzling colorful lights in display. We visited the Musical Fountain which was an open air theatre. Here the water fountain performed incorporating light, musical and water whereby one could see the jets of water 'dancing.' It was followed by a magic show by a Russian performer.

We saw various kinds of sculptured animals shown in different forms and brightly lit up. At the lakeside promenade were giant animated aquatic animals decorated with numerous multi-colored lights. There was a Coin Garden whereby Giant Coin sculptures were on display. Dragon sculptures were easily seen. We visited the Winter House, a winter wonderland newly decorated with Christmas ambience to fill with fun and excitement and it was an amazing experience to everyone with the freezing temperature inside. Our disabled friends enjoyed a fabulous ride on the locomotive, a choo-choo train going around the Mines Wonderland to observe the park from different angles.

On the fourth day (18 Nov 2008) after breakfast in the Hotel, at about 9.30am we left for Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC). Our disabled friends grew immensely excited as they waited impatiently to be admitted into the KLCC Aquaria. Once inside we were transported into a water world. Utilizing the latest integrated multimedia technologies which includes educational and entertainment elements, KLCC Aquaria brings forth a truly unique next generation aquarium. The Aquaria showcases varieties of fishes, big and small and other sea creatures. Visitors are transported via the moving walkway into the deep blue sea where all the thrills begins. Giant stingrays and big sharks swimming all around; left, right and above, so close that we could touch them but with only the glass separating them from our extremely quiet disabled friends as they watched in wonder. It was an all in one biological fun filled activity to make education, marine research and entertainment a lasting, meaningful and fun experience.

Wow! Such big fishes at KLCC Aquaria.

In the afternoon, after lunch, we went to the Petrosains Centre located on the 4th floor of Suria KLCC. Petrosains is an interactive science discovery centre that presents a story of science and technology of the petroleum industry in a fun way. It not only revolves specifically around petroleum science but also embrace all other aspects of general sciences. It was like a modern museum whereby our disabled friends were able to interact with the exhibits on display. The visit begins with a fascinating ride and then proceeds in a linear sequence through areas featuring interactive exhibits, fun activities and displays. The front line personnel acts as guides and presenters as well as facilitators to ensure our disabled friends' enjoyment and learning experience maximized.

After Petrosains, we moved around Suria KLCC which I was told, is Malaysia's premier shopping destination. As we explored, tugging our disabled friends along, we discovered that Suria KLCC is surrounded by hotels, office buildings, a scenic park and dancing fountains, promising hours of leisurely pleasure. Our disabled friends were able to walk with us through 6 levels of retail outlets that offer an array of goods and services to please and pamper the needs of shoppers. Each floor level has its own distinctive character and style. After feasting their eyes on many things, their eyes soon turned to the food outlets and subsequently dinner was transacted. We returned to the hotel at 7.30pm.

On the fifth and last day (19 Nov 2008), after the usual breakfast at the hotel, we checked out of the hotel to go to Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, our final destination. Upon arrival at the front entrance, we thought we were in Egypt as two sphinxes 'greeted' us and the walls displayed Eqyptian designs and graphics. As we moved around, Sunway Pyramid looks like a mega shopping centre with upscale outlets and exceptional leisure opportunities which includes an ice skating rink and 48 lane bowling centre. Our disabled friends never seemed to be weary of walking or sightseeing. We adjourned to Canton Bay Restaurant for lunch. Delicious Chinese dishes in Cantonese style were served. The food was so good that it was 'gobbled' up as soon as it was put onto the table.

After lunch we left KL for Penang. We stopped at Tambun for seafood dinner. We have tasty dishes of vegetables, crabs, fish, prawns and others. After the good fill, we continued our journey back to Penang. We arrived at 9.30pm. All good things have to come to an end. It was an enriching experience for the disabled people and the rest. Thank you Eden, this was certainly a five-star-trip for all of us.

To many disabled participants, this was their very 1st time exposed to wonders of life. The feedback from them was that it was their most thrilling and a memorable trip for them. For many, this is their first trip to City of Entertainment and Kuala Lumpur. Through this trip they have not only experience the wonders of life but also getting to know other disabled friends, teamwork and most of all they were very happy.

We want to specially thank Ms Susan Cheah for wonderfully and generously made this possible for all the disabled friends and staffs. You have opened the door with golden opportunity for them to experience the wonders of life which they will never experience on their own.

Not forgetting the other sponsors such as Public Relations of Resort World Bhd, Casino Super Team, Church of Genting, Mines Wonderland, The Mines, Puteri Park Hotel and individuals who had contributed to the success of this trip.

Every gift is significant to the lives we touch !

Mines Wonderland

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