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Eden's Christmas Caroling

Between August and early December 2008 we were overwhelmed with many invitations to sing Christmas carols. In spite of how we scheduled and rescheduled we were not able to squeeze in all the invitations. We were sad to disappoint some as we were already full to the brim threatening to overflow!

Our first performance kicked off on 30 November 2008 at G-Hotel at Gurney Drive in conjunction with their Lighting Up ceremony of their unique Christmas Tree. Eden's 'heavenly singsation' vocals of the Christmas carols brightened up the spirits of everyone at the Hotel as we ignited the first spark of Christmas., filling the atmosphere of the Hotel Lobby with the nostalgic memories of Christmas festivities.

From 01 December to 25 December, we were invited to Shopping Complexes and Malls namely, Queensbay Mall, Island Plaza, Metrojaya, Gurney Plaza, Tesco Seberang Jaya, Tesco Penang and Sunway Carnival Mall in Butterworth along with reputable hotels like Tanjung Bungah Beach Hotel, Golden Sands Hotel, Evergreen Laurel Hotel, Dorsett Hotel and other private places such as Upper Penang Road, NASAM and Infokids Nursery & Kindergarten. In some of these places we performed for several consecutive days due to popular request from these organizations.

At these venues, crowds would throng forward to want to know or hear who this group was. It was a sight to behold as they saw some of our disabled friends, some in wheelchairs, staff and volunteers, all dressed in bright red beautiful T-shirts and red caps serenading and captivating the crowds with our 'angelic' voices presenting a repertoire of all-time favorite Christmas carols to the beat of the bongo and the acoustic sounds of the guitar. Our very own Santa Claus and Santarina were also in town with us to add to the fun and merriment with their twists and swings.

Sweet voices ringing in the air

Everywhere we went, it was an enticing spread of such an embracing time of the spirit of a joyful yuletide season. As our group gathered on stage, it was like a mystery of a magical Christmas being slowly unfolded in splendour in a refined and elegant ambience against the beautifully created resplendent backdrops of these shopping complexes and malls.

The response from the shoppers, visitors and hotel guests were good. They applauded each time when we have finished a song. They would join in and sang and clapped along to the melodies. There was one occasion when we have just finished our performance, we were requested to present ourselves again as some of the visitors had just arrived and missed our performance. We gladly complied to the delight of the visitors.

It was indeed with such great joy and honor that we were able to cheerfully sing the many Christmas Carols over and over again during the stretch of days and at various places. And everywhere we went we were very touched by the applause of the crowds. It thrills our heart to know that they have enjoyed themselves with the songs we sang. A Big Thank You to all kind and generous shoppers, visitors and hotel guests who have donated to us during our performances at these various places.

Singing "Jingle Bells"

We would also like to express our deepest appreciation to those organizations who have so generously donated to us in cash and kind; having kindly presenting us also spaces to display and sell our handicrafts and most of all, graciously allowing us to move within their premises with the donations boxes.

Special and grateful thanks to G-Hotel, Dorsett Hotel and Golden Sands Hotel for helping us to raise funds through their Corporate Social Responsibility programs by giving back to the community during this festive season.

Last but not least we want to thank all the staff and volunteers for their passion and indefatigable efforts and time by faithfully and sacrificially attending to all the demanding practices and actual performances.

Truly you all have made a difference in the lives of the disabled.
Thank you for your love and care for the disabled.

Lighting the Christmas Tree at G-Hotel

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