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Enjoyable time at Gurney Plaza

Arriving at Gurney Plaza

On 30 May 2009, Eden Handicap Service Centre organized a fellowship outing for 50 persons with various disabilities and 28 helpers from the Centre and the community.

At 9.00am, the participants converged at the Training Hostel at Jalan Sir Hussain to confirm their registration. The cool morning drizzle did not dampen the excitement of the people but on the contrary it heated up the atmosphere of joy on the faces of the children in particular. Impatience filled the air as the people waited and chatted with their eyes focused onto the road to catch sight of the bus that would be arriving to take them out.

At about 10.00am the bus arrived and our disabled friends obediently followed their group leaders by trooping to the bus and embarked onto the bus in an orderly fashion. All group leaders and helpers had to ensure that the pre-planned seating arrangements for the bus and vans had to be adhered to.

The bus, together with 2 vans and a car reached our destined rendezvous, the Gurney Plaza (GP) at about 10.30am. We gathered at the entrance of GP and were reminded that we will meet at 11.30am on the 7th Floor which houses the Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC). Many took advantage of the free time to either go window shopping or sight seeing of this huge beautiful complex.

At 11.30am, almost all the participants were already punctually waiting at the GSC readied for admission. After the necessary transactions with the GSC officials, we were ushered into the cinemas. Wow! You could see the sparkle in their eyes, a brightened countenance and with a hop in their walk from our disabled friends.

35 persons opted to watch 'Terminator Salvation' and the rest (43) chose to see "Monsters versus Aliens." The two groups were led by their leaders into the respective cinemas. They were then served with a pack of popcorn and a coke drink for each person. The two different shows were awesome as they were full of dramatic action and special effects and with the big screen, it was truly a show to enjoy in cool comfort.

Smiles were displayed on their faces as they trooped out of the respective cinemas and headed towards Xuan Xi Restaurant at the 3rd Floor of the new wing of GP for lunch. The group leaders stayed close to their members and have them seated at their designated tables. We were served delicious food dishes which comprise chicken, fish, pork, vegetables, soup and dessert with free flow of Chinese tea and rice. It was a sumptuous meal for many who do not have such opportunity to sit in an elegant restaurant to savor such delicacies.

With heavy stomachs, they virtually drag themselves out of the restaurant and wander in the vicinity of the GP, feasting their eyes on the many beautifully decorated shops and large variety of merchandise for sale.

It was about 4.30pm when we had to gather at the entrance of GP for our disabled friends to be presented each with a goodie bag from the management of the GP complex. At 5.00pm the bus arrived to take us back. We are thankful to our generous donors for their contributions to make this outing a meaningful one for them. You have given our disabled friends such opportunity to taste the wonders of life outside their homes. You have made a difference in their lives.

Going for a movie at Gurney Plaza

Enjoying a meal at Gurney Plaza

Shopping at Gurney Plaza

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