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Upclose with parents.

Dear Friends,

Today we are pleased to share with you to recently concluded events from Eden Handicap Service Centre: our Meet-the-Parents Session and our Training Unit and Sheltered Workshop.

Meet the Parents Session

On 30th September 2005, Eden organized a get-together with the families of our disabled friends. EDFAM (Eden Family) was the name given to this group and the purpose of it is to allow parents to share their opinion of our services, for us to get to know parents and get feedback from them about Eden's services. With this move, we hope that parent can be more involved in their children's affair and get to know Eden better. Our intention to to have parents volunteering to be part of the committee. Together, Eden and the parent of the disabled can become a powerful voice in advocating the rights of people with disabilities. This is just the beginning of bigger things to come.

Parents and staff having a good time together.
Ultimately, Eden and the family can be a group of people who have a common bond, a similar desire, a unified approach, a willingness to share time, gifts and skills, most of all; a love for the disabled.

The session started at 6:00pm, as parents start to arrive. Our staff went around taking down their names. At 6:30pm, Eden General Manager Bertie Tye bid them a warm welcome and thanked them for their attendance and support. For the ice breaker, a game was initiated. It enabled the parents to mingle among themselves and get to know other parents. A prize was also given to the winning group.

The parent were then broken up into groups for discussion on their views about Eden. Each group was given 20 minutes and the group leader will then share their views. The majority of the parents were very satisfied with Eden's services.

At the end of the Meet-the-Parents session, each child was introduced together with their parent to the group. All the parent enjoyed themselves and in addition, they gained a better understanding on the objectives and services of Eden.

The event ended with refreshment prepared by our staff. As a parting gift, each parent received a sponsored box of biscuits.

Lovely food display at the session.

Eden Training Unit and Sheltered Workshop

Attendees of our Training and Sheltered Workshop
In any regular afternoon, a group of innocent looking men can be seen setting about running tasks assigned by their superiors. The atmosphere is calm. No pressure, no distraction and most of all, no prejudice.

Yes, dear readers, we are referring to our Training & Sheltered Workshop. situated just across the road from the children hostel, the workshop is a place where we train the intellectually disabled. There are currently 20 male adults in our workshop that resembles a college varsity for the intellectually handicap. What we provide at the workshop proves to be invaluable experiences for the gifted ones.

With God's grace, many educational institutions have been set up to educate intellectually handicap children but these schools only cater to kids until the age of 18. This often baffle parents of handicap children and in most cases, parents have no other choice but to leave their children at home all by themselves. Such situations are not in favor of the intellectually handicap because their potential to develop is surpressed. It is also not a wise idea to leave them unsupervised as things may seriously go wrong.

Eden is aware of this alarming issue. Thus, the mission of our training workshop comes into play. At the training workshop, we shelter young intellectually handicap adults under our roof. We train them with independent living and job skills. We also organise games and outdoor activities so they may enjoy themselves and develop their social skills at the same time. This proves to be a golden opportunity for them to open up instead of being confined within the walls of their home.

To ensure that the intellectually handicap are competent in the workforce, Eden helps by teaching them computing,language and also guiding them in behavoural and communications skills. When they are proficient enough in their newly acquired skills, we would help arrange them for employment. We also provide sheltered workshop from the contract jobs received from companies. It is in our hopes that more companies and institutions would come forward with career opportunities or providing contract work to our sheltered workshop for the intellectually handicap.

Working can be fun!

It's a clean job.
To date, we have successfully secured jobs for 27 intellectually handicap men. Among this figure, 20 of them are employed by Eden's recycling unit, sheltered workshop and the remaining 7 are hired by factories, a canteen and a coffeeshop.

EDEN is working towards normalisation for the intellectually handicap. We envision a society where the intellectually handicap are free to run their lives, just like those of normal mentality. Among our many plans for the future, Eden hopes to actualise a new accommodation unit that will solely be administered and occupied by the intellectually handicap as they go about the normal daily lives. This way, the intellectually handicap will chance upon an independant life that is beyond content.

Our Success Story - Job employment for the intellectually and physically disabled.

The disabled in Eden's recycling and staff trainee in the workshop unit are paid a monthly allowance, EPF and Socso from this income generated workshop. With this allowance, they also benefit from the monthly government allowance of RM200.00 per month that are entitled to people with disabilities earning below RM750.00 per month.

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