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Enable people with disabilities lead independent and self-sufficient lives!
Our free services include ...

Children Hostel

The Children Day Care and Hostel opened its doors on 23 June 1994. It was established to provide a conducive environment and relevant services for the development of children with disabilities. By means of teaching new skills, proper mental and physical development and providing the opportunity to interact with other children with disabilities, the centre serves to motivate these special people with the hope that they would someday be able to contribute to society, be accepted and be given the respect they justly deserved.

Sheltered Workshop and Hostel

Our vision is to provide people with intellectual disabilities with vocational and appropriate trainings such as basic living skill and self development so that they can be self independent thus building self confidence and becoming contributors to society. We believe in "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime".

With the various training and instructions provided by trainers in our Sheltered Workshop, these intellectually disabled individuals are now able to carry out various tasks to contribute towards a variety of sub-contracting work extended to Eden Handicap Centre by commercial enterprises.

The training programs are specially designed to provide a non-competitive environment for the intellectually disabled people to work in, just like any other normal individuals. It is in this Sheltered Workshop that these intellectually disabled individuals acquire social skills, interpersonal skills, job skills as well as character and personality development.

These skills acquired by them and the ability to be productive through the work they perform on a daily basis have brought about positive changes in their lives. Many of them who were once seen to be without hope now have a new sense of purpose in lives.

Sheltered Workshop and Hostel for Women with Intellectural Disabilities

Our collaboration with Soroptimist International Penang gave birth to the Sheltered Workshop and Hostel for women with intellectual disabilities. The success of this collaboration has opened doors to women with intellectual disabilities to step into an environment that is loving, friendly and filled with numerous opportunities for them to learn new things including character development, self confidence and simple vocational skills. Our aim is to first equip them with skills and empower them so that in due time many will be gainfully employed and live meaningful and independent lives.

Cleaning Services

In collaboration with CIMB Foundation, we launched the pilot general office cleaning and housekeeping services to create employment for the male and female with intellectual disabilities. Our trainer identifies, coaches and trains people with intellectual disabilities, giving them personal attention to ensure effective cleaning techniques to deliver quality services to customers.

Craft and Souvenir (Handicraft)

Handicraft training program is empowering people with disabilities to acquire skills and at the same time to be gainfully employed. The craft sheltered workshop regularly participates and exhibits their craft works at food fairs, exhibitions, corporate companies, road-shows, factories, etc. where their products form a source of income for the workshop. The fact that the items are saleable is in itself a motivation to the disabled.


The trainees are either physically or intellectually challenged. We undertake to include the intellectually challenged in our development programmes especially in recycling as we realise that it is difficult for them to be trained in our other programmes. Through the recycling programme, we are able to give them a chance of feeling self worth. Recycling is a very suitable career for the intellectually challenged, under supervision of the physically disabled. The training takes on a simple "buddy system" concept. Coupled with moral and emotional support, our recycling workshop makes a difference in the lives of the disabled and their families.

Community Outreach Services (Welfare)

We complement the government's Social Welfare Department and organise activities such as:
  • One-stop welfare organisation
  • Home visits
  • Transport for wheelchair users to hospital
  • Job placement
  • Social activities
We also assess potential disabled candidates and if we can assist them, we place them for job training at Eden Handicap Service Centre. If not, we will then recommend them to other more suitable NGOs.

1st Free Handy-Cab Transport Service

Another milestone is reached for Eden Handicap Service Centre's effort. On 31st July 2011, a FREE, SAFE and CONVENIENT Handy-Cab Tranport Service (door to door) was officially launched for wheelchair users. Priority is for wheelchair users going to HOSPITAL in Penang Island for medical treatment.

Eden Fellowship and Recreation

Eden organizes fellowship gatherings and recreations every 2 months. This activity is to help them develop effective social interaction that will positively mould their minds and hearts and improve their communication skills. We provide opportunities for them to learn, enjoy and experience the beautiful sights, sounds and the wonders of life outside their homes. This will enable them to have joyful moments that will surely make a difference in their lives.

Performing Arts

HOPE SOWERS is formed by a group of young people with no professional training in performing arts, but with a huge passion to perform. To make the whole dream more meaningful, people with disabilities from Eden Handicap Service Centre participate with them in this musical concert so as to give people on wheelchairs a chance to dance. This is also to showcase their showmanship as wheelchair dancers are provided the opportunity to participate in this concert.

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