Ms. Liu Hsia, a wheelchair bound writer suffering from rheumatic arthritis, witnessed the discrimination against people with disabilities in Taiwan. In response to God’s calling and with a great love for people with physical and mental disabilities, she decided to create a place where the disabled are truly cared for and loved – The Garden of Eden in Dreams. She donated her income from publishing and initiated a group of Christians who shared her vision to bring people with disabilities out of their isolation. On December 1, 1982, Eden Social Welfare Foundation was founded to serve people with disabilities as well as other socially marginalized group. Though Ms. Liu Hsia passed away in 2003, her spirit is still alive in Eden.

Founder of Eden Social Welfare Foundation, Taiwan

Founder of Eden Handicap Service Centre Penang

Ch’ng Joo Beng became a drug addict during his teenage years. When his family and friends gave up on him, his 12-year-old niece told him about a Christian drug rehabilitation center for drug addicts in Penang. He was accepted into the centre and during his two weeks in that centre, life was difficult during the withdrawal period but he successfully curbed his drug addiction.

With only a primary five education, miraculously he was accepted into a Theological College in Taiwan. While in Taiwan, he also served in Eden Social Welfare Foundation, a centre helping disabled people. It was from here that he found the love and burden to help people with disabilities.

Rev. Ch’ng Joo Beng

‘Birth’ of Eden Handicap Service Centre Bhd.

Rev Ch’ng Joo Beng and his wife, who is a disabled person in wheelchair, were sent back to Malaysia on 24 May 1991 by Eden Social Welfare Foundation Taiwan to start another branch in Penang .

Together with Mr. & Mrs Bertie Tye, they fulfilled their dreams by setting up Eden Handicap Service Centre Bhd in Penang.

Founders: Rev. Ch’ng and Shen Chiu Hsiang
Co-founders: Bertie Tye & Madelene